Saturday, December 18, 2010


Christmas on the Ponte Vecchio

                                   It may cause traffic havoc, it may create chaos with buses and trains, but snow makes Florence look every bit the romantic fairy tale city its international reputation claims. And on 17th December in Florence it snowed and it snowed! 

Snow along the Arno
Other places in Tuscany, such as south of Siena and the province of Arezzo, are used to such conditions and apply the necessary procedures to avoid mayhem.

No need for Santa Snow on this Christmas tree in Palazzo Vecchio
 Contemporary Florence, however, went into a bit of a tilt yesterday. Traffic was in chaos as cars (and bikes) with no chains slid all over the roads and were unable to manage even the slightest incline. Florentines, who lived too far from the centre to walk home, were forced to sleep at work, unless they had a friend living in the centre with a spare sofa!
But no one can deny the beauty and atmosphere of snow and Christmas lights adorning the streets and illuminating the renaissance palaces and original sculptures, and tourists were delighted and out in droves with their cameras.

Neptune fountain in Piazza della Signoria
           It is worth a trip every year in this period just for the chance to experience such a delight.

Palazzo Vecchio

Carousel in Piazza della Repubblica
Christmas tree outside Ospedale degli Innocenti


  1. How divine is Florence under snow!! Love the pics Freya!

  2. WOW!! Wish we were there! See you in 2011 & have a very merry Xmas! Lucy & Tom xx