Saturday, March 31, 2012


The bar at Brac with tables outside on the terrace
I recently had lunch at Brac, located between the Uffizi gallery and Santa Croce in via dei Vagellai 18r. It was something I'd been putting off for a while as, even though I had poked my head in and been really impressed by the lovely relaxing atmosphere that they've created, a vegetarian and vegan menu doesn’t really excite me too much.

Carpaccio di avocado at Brac
However, I ate those words when they served me my carpaccio di avocado, misticanza, pomodoro, sesame, cedano, mandorla e succo di limone, which was absolutely delicious. It was basically half an avocado with sesame seeds sprinkled on top, seated on a bed a mixed green leafy salad with a blended paste of celery, tomatoes and almonds. My friend ordered a pasta chitarra aglio, olio e pomodori secchi (chitarra pasta with sundried tomatoes, oil and garlic). We ate at the bar as all the tables had been reserved, but it was, however, comfortable and nice.

Pasta chitarra aglio, olio e pomodori secchi at Brac
To access the tables for a seated lunch from where we were and where the kitchen is located, there is a small open roofed wooden floored terrace, with comfy armchairs and little coffee tables – an ideal place for some personal R&R or a tête à tête with a mate. As my friend said upon entering Brac, here it seems like you are not in Florence at all! 

It is open 10am-10pm, Monday – Saturday.

Ora d'Aria Restaurant
In the last few days I have also tried the chic restaurant Ora d’Aria, located behind the Uffizi in via Georgofili. The direct translation of the name is ‘Air Hour’ and this is the expression used for the time allocated each day to prisoners in gaol when the are permitted to walk around in the allocated outside zone. This explains the empty birdcage at the entrance, with the door open, as if the bird has flown the coup. 

The decor is lovely, crisp and white, but not sterile. The menu is not overwhelmingly large and is centred upon typically Italian fare such as tripe, baccalà and suckling pig, though served in a modern context with nouvelle cuisine parameters. The assortment of breads was interesting also, and the service was good. 

Suckling pig with garlic, lavender and black cabbage
I enjoyed it very much, and though I must admit I am a real lover of the more familiar and intimate restaurants, and typically shy away from nouvelle cuisine as it is often a bit too precious for my taste,  this was a nice experience. For a starter, I chose the braised tripe and baccalà with chickpea purée and celeriac, and as a main course, the soft crispy suckling pig, with garlic, lavender and black cabbage sautéed with black mustard. 

Open Monday – Saturday, via dei Georgofili, tel.0552001699.


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  3. I have been to both of these places and I think they are both awesome. I recently tried again Ora d'Aria and I have eaten one of the best Codfish ever.

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